Diana Plattner

Diana Plattner is a writer and editor with a background in scholarly, trade, and mass-market publishing. After receiving an M.A. in English from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1999, she hired on with Graphic Composition, a nationally respected book compositor. There she spent four years learning old-school editorial methods from a University of Chicago Press editor, and copyediting texts by authors great and unknown. She began freelancing on the side, editing an array of romance novels for Kensington Publishing. She then went on to spend nine years with Whitman Publishing, where she shepherded scores of nonfiction titles to press (including one of the biggest nonfiction sellers in U.S. publishing history). In one of the more nerve-wracking moves of her life, she dusted off her technical skills with some graphic-design courses at Emory University, quit her day job, and hung out her shingle as a book packager. She can be reached at diana@plaidhatbooks.com, or at (404) 542-1938.


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